Human Rights - Kofi Annan

posted on 29 May 2008 17:12 by xiewuji


เพิ่งไปเจอวาทะของ Kofi Annan เรื่อง Human Rights เข้า ตอกกลับพวก cultural essentialist ได้ชงัดนัก



"(affirming) that democracy and human rights are just Western products, I find that insulting for the people of the Third World. When a father learns that his son has been tortured, when a woman learns that her husband has been thrown in prison for no reason, their reaction is the same wherever they are. In the West or in the Third World, they shout out the same anger, they cry the same tears."


 Kofi Annan.









“For development to be achieved environmental degradation is necessary.” can u post your discussion on this? big smile

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